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JD develops innovative, sustainable solutions to answer client's most complicated mediachallenges.

Specializing in capturing life's most precious moments through photography and videography, JD is dedicated to telling your company's story and creating timeless memories that you and your loved ones can cherish forever. Get in contact today to schedule your session!

Comprehensive Media Services

What JD Provides


Whether you need portraits, product shots or wedding photography, I bring my unique vision to every shot. Contact JD today to schedule a consultation and let JD help you bring your vision to life.


Seeking dynamic rolling shots to showcase your car? Interested in a real estate tour or a music video? With my commitment and dedication, JD promises to infuse every aspect of your project with my heart and soul, 


Need breathtaking aerial shots to elevate your project to new heights? How about real estate from a birds eye view? JD is fully devoted to capturing stunning aerial perspectives with unrivaled dedication.


In JD's editing service, he meticulously refines raw footage and images into professional-grade media content. This encompasses essential tasks such as precise color correction, and seamless integration of effects to ensure your content shines


Social media management optimizing your online presence across various platforms. This includes content creation, scheduling posts, engaging with your audience, and analyzing performance metrics to ensure your brand maintains a  impactful presence in the digital sphere.

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